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This Blog contains contributions from members of Eynsford Parish Council. Any opinions expressed are their own. 

Previous posts (up to December 2014) were made by ex-Chairman, Clive Stanyon, and were his own views, not necessarily the views of all councillors. 

Older blog posts can be found here.

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  • Twinning Visit

    Twinning Visit

    Author: Sarah Boyle | Date: 26th May 2016

    Great Day on Tuesday when I was invited to participate in the visit of year 5 children (and associated parents etc)  from our twin village of Camphin to the Anthony Roper school. After a morning working with the Gold medal winning Eynsford South East in Bloom Group (preparing the war memorial for summer bedding), I hurriedly changed and joined the parents and other Twinning Committee members at the Riverside Tearooms for a convivial  sandwich and soup lunch where our Rector (Gary) aroused both admiration and amusement in his attempts to speak french. I must admit that my french is non existant but luckily Bruno (Camphin Chairman of the Twinning Committee) is fluent in English and we had a happy time generally reminiscing about the most recent  trips and establishing that William Alexander in his costume as High Sheriff of Kent had made a lasting impression on the female citizens of Camphin!. I was happy to hear  too that the Twinning Committee meeting, held that morning in the Parish Office, had been very constructive before joining Gill (Eynsford Chairman)  and the others at Anthony Roper School. Here we heard about the joint morning activities, saw some enthusiastic games of rounders and enjoyed a small concert by the children while parents and children enjoyed some lovely afternoon tea before waving our visitors off about 3.30pm.  Many thanks to all at Anthony Roper school and on the Twinning Committee for a very successful and enjoyable day.

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  • Councillor Phil Ward Blogs!!

    Author: Phil Ward | Date: 3rd November 2015

    Councillor Phil Ward Blogs!!

    The council has agreed to pursue a Neighbourhood Plan Ė a tool to allow us to develop a development plan for the parish which has a legal basis.

    Lullingstone parkrun has been going for 6 months. Itís arguably one of the toughest courses but certainly one of the most picturesque. Get involved http://www.parkrun.org.uk/lullingstone/

    Kent County Council are currently reviewing the best way of delivering country park services and Lullingstone falls into the review. The status quo is the preferred option but other models are being considered such as handing management to a trust organisation. A decision is expected in December.

    Tonight Iím joining the other councillors for our annual budget meeting where we decide how best to balance our income and spend for the year.

    And this coming weekend Iím off to parkrun in Gdansk, Poland!

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  • Resignation

    Author: Clive Stanyon | Date: 3rd December 2014

    Today I resigned from the chairmanship of Eynsford Parish Council, after approaching 8 years as its chairman. I had planned to remain as the chairman until the elections in May. However, after careful thought, I decided that it was better all round were I to go now.

    Today, Jan and I also completed the purchase of a house in Elham, near Canterbury, and will be moving there on 9th December. Although this will not make it impossible to chair Eynsford Parish Council, it will make it difficult and, perhaps, not appropriate. Also, on balance, I felt that it would be good to get a new chairman/chairwoman on board before the May elections.

    In order to prevent the need to get another councillor on board before the elections, I will be remaining as a councillor until then. If necessary, I will be able to dial into meetings from Elham, rather than travel up. At least it will give me that option, which I would not really have as chairman.

    When I complete this term of office, I will have been a parish councillor for twenty years, which at 10 hours a week, will equate to about 10,400 hours of my time. To say that it has been a major part of my life would, therefore, not be an exaggeration. I hope that, in that time, I have been able to contribute positively to life in Eynsford. I have taken a great deal of pleasure from the work, as well as some pain, so there will be a mixed bag of memories.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank our current clerks, Holly Ivaldi and Naomi Wolfe, for the great support that they have given me as chairman over the last 8 years, and to wish them well for the future. Also to thank our county councillor, Roger Gough, and our district councillor, Michael Horwood, with whom I have worked very harmoniously over the years. Finally, I would like to thank all councillors and clerks, both past and present, many of whom have come to become good friends. I shall miss them all, and I shall miss Eynsford.

    As vice-chairman, Nick Rodway will be in temporary charge until 18th December, when a new chairman/chairwoman will be elected, preferably from someone who intends to re-stand for election in May. Given the temporary nature of Nick's position, it may be that there are no further Chairman's Blogs between now and 18th December.

    May I finish by wishing all parishioners a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

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