Flood Prevention Workshop in Shoreham

25th January 2018

Flood Prevention Workshop in Shoreham

Eynsford householders are invited to attend this event in Shoreham on 7th February.

If you are not sure if you house is vulnerable to flooding, please get in touch, however, it may be of interest to householders with riverside properties.

Unfortunately neither the Parish Council nor The Environment Agency supply flood defence equipment such as sandbags to householders.

The following information is from Shoreham Parish Council:

The Environment Agency recommends that houses within a flood zone should have the following equipment:

  • ·one way valve for sewage outlets
  • ·non-return valves for ground floor wet rooms/shower
  • ·Lavatory balloon/pan seals for ground floor toilets
  • ·Air brick covers
  • ·Door defenders

You may already have all the equipment you feel you need. However, we thought it might be helpful to let everyone know where such supplies may be obtained, and enclose a list for your information.

Having spoken to one of these suppliers, we are pleased that a representative is willing to come to the Village Hall on Wednesday, 7th February with samples, a running presentation on how products work and answer questions. We are intending to run this from 3 p.m till 7.30 p.m.

It is also recommended that you should have a personal "flood plan" with lists of names and phone numbers should your house need to be evacuated.

Yours sincerely,

Parish Clerk

Shoreham Village : Resilience

Below is a list of companies that sell products to protect homes against flooding. You may find it helpful to look at the websites. Some printed leaflets are available from the Parish Clerk and at the display/event in the village hall on 7th February from 3 p.m. till 6 p.m.

Floodgate Ltd. www.floodgate.ltd.uk

Door barriers, air brick covers (these require pre-fixing to wall and closing manually when needed), smart air brick replacements (close automatically when water enters), non return valves

Easifit Ventguard www.Ventguard.co.uk

Air brick covers which don't require pre-fixing but manually inserted if needed.

Floodtite Systems www.ukfda.com

It is this company which will bring samples and run presentation on 7th February

Door barriers, air brick covers (some pre-fixing required), panseal (to prevent sewage back-flow in ground floor toilets), flood sacks (a better substitute for sandbags) which be stored easily ready for use if required.

FloodSaxDirect www.floodsaxdirect.com

Sandbag alternative

FloodRe www.floodre.co.uk

Joint government and insurance industry initiative to make insurance available and affordable for homes affected by flooding

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