Kent Police are recruiting Community Policing Volunteers

9th January 2018

Community Policing Volunteers being recruited

Kent Police is looking for volunteers to play a new role in community policing.

Community Policing Volunteers are being recruited as part of a pilot scheme in the West Division which includes Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

The scheme is open to all adults aged 18 or above who are able to commit to 16 hours a month and interested in contributing to their local community as a volunteer.

They will wear a uniform and support their local Community Safety Units by providing additional visibility and accessibility and improving the communication flow to the police and back to the community.

Applicants will need to successfully pass a fitness test and provide a medical certificate to confirm they are in good health to perform an active role.

Volunteers will work as part of a team to reduce crime and the fear of crime and to promote community safety. They will have a number of duties including supporting police officers; responding to the needs of communities and supporting victims.

They will play a vital role in solving local problems and gathering useful evidence about criminal activity and anti-social behaviour (ASB).

The new role has been established following the Policing and Crime Bill 2017, which has given Chief Constables authority to extend certain powers to volunteers. This includes the power to request the name and address of someone committing ASB, some powers to control traffic, the power to place traffic signs and the power to enter premises to save life and/or prevent serious damage.

Recruitment has just started and closes on 26 January 2018. Interviews for those shortlisted will take place during February and training will start at the end of April which will take place over five weekends over a 10 week period.

Assistant Chief Constable Tony Blaker said: "We know from talking to many people that there is a strong interest in volunteering to support the police and the community, and this is a fantastic opportunity that we hope will attract adults of all ages and backgrounds.

"We have a rich tradition of volunteers in Kent Police with a thriving Special Constabulary, a growing Volunteer Cadet Force and an army of people who help in support roles throughout the force.

"This new role will build on that and provide an invaluable service to both the police and the local community."

Anyone interested in applying to become a Community Policing Volunteer can get further information from our website:

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