Kent Police article: Burglars mess with your head not just your home

31st October 2014

Kent Police is asking residents to take simple measures to protect themselves from becoming a victim of burglary.

Overall the force has seen a positive decrease in this type of crime, but statistics show that the number of reports can increase during the autumn months.

Most burglaries happen during daylight hours, with offences often peaking at about 11am, so while you're hard at work, burglars are too. Most burglars are opportunists, which means it is important to ensure the security measures taken at night are also taken before you leave home in the morning.

From experience, the police know burglary can leave victims feeling scared and anxious long after the crime has been committed.

To help reduce the risk of becoming a burglary victim officers are asking residents to work with them by following these key principles:

Light it

  • ·Light dark or hidden entrances with low wattage security lighting
  • ·Use timer switches to turn on lights/radio - invest in a 24-hour segment timer for under £5. Remember to use an energy efficient light bulb

Lock it

  • ·Keep your front and back windows and doors locked (double lock uPVC)
  • ·Keep side gates locked - burglars often break into homes from the garden where they have less chance of being seen
  • ·If bins are emptied before you leave for work return them to your garden - they can be used as climbing aids if left on display
  • ·Instead use bins as obstructions in side entrances
  • ·Trim high hedging/plant growth - they could provide cover for a burglar
  • ·Secure your garage and shed - items inside can be just as tempting and can even be used to break in
  • ·If you get the train ensure your car is locked, windows are closed and keys are not left on display through windows
  • ·Don't keep large amounts of money or jewellery at home. If you have to, use a safe that is stored out of sight and fixed to a solid floor

List it

All valuable items should be registered for free on - logging details helps police to return them to you if they are found or seized. These include:

  • ·Expensive jewellery and antiques
  • ·Bicycles
  • ·Laptops, desktop computers and tablets
  • ·Mobile phones and MP3 players
  • ·Home entertainment systems including TVs and games consoles

If you would like to find out more about protecting your property, visit

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