Noticeboard Policy

3rd December 2019

Noticeboard Policy 

After questions from members of the public, the council decided to create policy to give guidance on use of the noticeboards in the village which you can find below and attached here.


Policy Regarding the Use of Parish Council Noticeboards

Eynsford Parish Council has public noticeboards located:

  • ·Outside the entrance to Anthony Roper Primary School
  • ·At the bus stop in front of Gibsons Place
  • ·In Ford House car park
  • ·By the ford, Riverside
  • ·Opposite Eynsford Station
  • ·Opposite the Olive Seal Hall, Pollyhaugh

Other noticeboards are privately owned or are not public.

What can be posted

Permission is given for notices to pinned to these boards in the following priority:

1. Parish Council

2. Eynsford & Farningham Village Organisations

3. Charity/Community Events taking place in the surrounding area

What cannot be posted

Strictly no business adverts

Please note:

·Posters must be attached with drawing pins, and not staples.

·Posters must be removed when the event is over.

·A4 or A5 notices can be used for one off events or notices

·Please use A5 for ongoing notices

·Please do not advertise events more than 2 months in advance, due to space restrictions

·The parish council may remove any notices without warning.

Eynsford Parish Council, November 2019

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