Castlefield Nature Area

25th October 2014

Attended a parish council surgery morning, when the opportunity was taken to have a site meeting at the Castlefield Nature Area.

It was agreed to pursue a path in three possible stages:

  • linking up the footpath from the High Street, next to Rijwick, to the Harrow Meadow;
  • linking that path to the fenced-off allotment area at the Edwards Hall end, following the existing, but often overgrown, winding path; and
  • taking the path further to go behind the allotments, through to the Castlefield Car Park and out through the car park entrance road.

It would have to be made clear that:

  • people should stick to the defined paths; b) dogs would still not be allowed in Harrow Meadow;
  • dogs would be allowed on the nature area footpaths, but only on leads, with owners clearing up any mess;
  • that there would be no access to the allotments; and
  • that the footpath would be closed were it to be abused.

The preference would be that the path be as natural as possible and complement the surroundings, whilst enabling poeple in wheelchairs or with buggies to access the area. A regime would need to be put in place to maintain path accessibility, but this could probably be done through a contract, in the same way as we have a contract with the litter warden.

Author: Holly Ivaldi


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