Agendas & Minutes

This section contains agendas for upcoming meetings and minutes of past meetings. Minutes will not be posted until they have been approved at the following meeting, usually a month later.

Next Agenda:

12th May 2022

The Annual Meeting for the Parish of Eynsford will be held at Eynsford Parish Office, on Thursday, 19th May, 2022 at 7.00 p.m. and will precede

the full Parish Council meeting.

The business to be transacted at the meeting will be as follows:

  1. Election of Chairperson
  1. Election of Vice-Chairperson
  1. Signing of Declarations of Acceptance of Office (Chair & Vice Chair, New Councillors)
  1. Appointment of Members to serve on the under mentioned committees:

a) Planning; b) Highways & Transportation; c) Community; d) Open Spaces; e) Facilities & Environment

  1. Nominations for non-Councillor membership of above committees
  1. Appointment of 3 Councillors to serve on Grievance & Disciplinary Committee
  1. Appointment of members of the GDPR Working Group
  1. Appointment of members to the Tree Work Sub Committee
  1. Appointment of Internal Auditor
  1. Dates of Meetings for the coming year
  1. Appointment of Tree Warden(s)
  1. Appointment of Trustee to Anthony Roper Charity (4 year term expiring Oct 2025)
  1. Appointment of Trustee to Eleemosynary Charity of Henry Cox
  1. Appointment of Representative and deputy to Eynsford Village Society
  1. Appointment of Representative(s) to K.A.L.C.
  1. Appointment of Representative(s) to the School Run Safety Campaign
  1. Appointment of Representative(s) to the Darent Valley Landscape Partnership
  1. Appointment of Representative(s) to the Lullingstone Park Liaison Group
  1. Appointment of Representative(s) on the Harrow Meadow Sub Committee
  1. Appointment of Flood Warden(s)
  1. Appointment of Members of the Green Working Group
  1. Appointment of Representative(s) on the Darent Valley Community Rail Partnership

Clerk to the Council

12th May 2022

The following items will be included on the agenda for the meeting of the Parish Council on Thursday 19th May 2022, at 7.30pm at Parish Office, Priory Lane, Eynsford.

In order to maintain the highest standards of covid security, we kindly request that you do not attend council meetings in person, if within the last 10 days you have: Tested positive to coronavirus. Displayed coronavirus like symptoms. Been notified by the NHS app of the need to self-isolate. Been notified directly by the NHS that you must self-isolate. Been in close contact with someone who has tested positive to coronavirus. Please wear a mask.


Declarations of Interest

Approval of Minutes

Finance notes

Outstanding Actions

Annual Parish Meeting

Approval of Governance Statement

Approval of AGAR (Audit Accounts)

Insurance Renewal

Village Hall Update

Village Hall – Memorandum of Understanding

Village Hall – Football Pitch Funding

Co-option Process

Budged Amendments


Notice of planning consents/refusals

Planning Application 22/01001/FUL – 40 & 42 Riverside, Eynsford

Approval of TPO 06/2022 – Station Road

Highways & Transportation

Streetlight Column Replacment

Police/Crime Report

Membership of Rural Kent

Open Spaces

Skip for Castlefield Allotments

Use of Common Meadow

Use of Riverside

Kissing Gate at Common Meadow

Local Government Act 2000 - Code of Conduct and Register of Members’ Interests are available for inspection at the Parish Office, Priory Lane, Eynsford at any reasonable time by prior appointment with the Clerk.

N.B. The meeting will adjourn at the discretion of the respective Chairmen in order to receive questions from members of the public for a period of no longer than 30 minutes. The Chairmen respectfully request that questions be restricted to items under discussion, or new matters arising. Queries relating to the progress of issues currently in hand may be raised with the Clerk, in writing or by telephone, during normal working hours.

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