Eynsford Public Art Project

Eynsford Village Society has set up a Public Art Committee to look at creating site specific artwork for Eynsford. The first piece to be commissioned was a mosaic of Eynsford located outside Anthony Roper Primary School.

Eynsford mosaic

In December 2017 six pieces of art by local artists were installed in the waiting shelter at Eynsford Station. More details can be found in this article http://www.eynsfordparishcouncil.org.uk/article-br...

Artists and art at Eynsford station

Message from the Committee - December 2015.

is calling all Eynsford residents to a PUBLIC MEETING
on Friday January 8th 2016 at 7.30pm in Eynsford Village Hall
to outline and discuss the proposed PUBLIC ART TRAIL

Most of the residents of Eynsford have now seen the mosaic at the "out" gate end of Anthony Roper school's perimeter fence which is entitled "Essence of Eynsford" and was installed in October 2014 as the first in a proposed trail of public art throughout the village. It is colourful, incorporating some of our iconic scenes, architectural heritage and wildlife. It was made from an original design created by a professional mosaic artist and the art teaching assistant at the school and put together with the help of many of the pupils. They all enjoyed themselves and there have been many compliments from many places. It was funded with a combination of monies from parents, EPC, EVS and KCC. Though an unintended consequence, it has turned out to be very well placed in bringing attention to the idea of a public art trail in general and our ideas in particular.

As with most ventures in life, it does not please everyone and as well as much praise, it has also brought criticism and displeasure, even being accused of "Disneyfying" Eynsford. Art is always highly subjective and raises strong passions, so it is hardly surprising that in addition to all the good things which have been said, some have been aghast. Therefore it

is only fair that public debate is made available to determine where EVS takes this venture for the future.

By way of information in that process, we are presently working on

- a wildlife refuge for Millfield (work in progress);

- a hang in the "upside" waiting hut on the station platform of personal views of Eynsford by 6 local artists (village residents) in a recognisable artistic style (the artwork is quite awesome). Southern Railways are behind the project, providing their own frames to fit with livery and safety (almost complete and ready for installation); additionally a local resident has offered EVS a copy of an 1869 watercolour by a known if minor artist, of workers resting while building it which we intend to donate to SR to hang in the main "downside" ticket office as thanks for their support;

- a "natural triangle" on private land at the end of Priory Lane offered to EVS for use for public art and which may be used for an Eynsford acrostic (in Till's style), genteel chainsaw art and other artistic ideas from nature;

- looking to protect the memorial at Austin Lodge celebrating the achievement of Percy Pilcher;

- and several other venues and materials bubbling on the back burner.

Please come along on the 8th. It is important that everyone has their say, listens to and hears one another, and understands how the project can look and work for the village. Once the evening is over, the sub-committee will know how the community thinks, and accept that a consultation process has been achieved, so you ought to use your democratic opportunity.

Public art is now a highly recognisable method of bringing people and communities together; it is not necessary to agree style or form or function, nor is it any longer a man on a plinth on horseback. So far, Eynsford has used its first piece to generate action, reaction and discussion, for that is its purpose. It is working as a consolidator, and personally I hope it will continue to do so with half a dozen or so well-chosen and placed, tasteful pieces of work or installations as they are called these days.

If you are unable to attend but want to contribute, please email your views to me at sally.coston@btinternet.com. I will make sure they are read out. If you would like to donate goods, services or funding, we need all the help we can get; join us if you would like to. Sally Coston, Chair EVS 866102   

Upcoming dates

Grace Center Community Picnic
27th May 2024

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