Managing the Flood Risk

Some properties in Eynsford are at risk of flooding from the River Darent, or from surface or ground water in times of high rainfall. In 2013 the parish council produced a leaflet for householders in at risk areas. The information from the leaflet is set out here.

flooding at the ford in Eynsford

Flooding Advice Leaflet

  • What to do
  • Who to ask
  • How to prepare

ground water flooding at Bower Lane

Who is responsible for what?

The Environment Agency is responsible for:

  • Exercising a general supervision over all matters relating to flood defence
  • Conducting surveys of areas where flood defence works are carried out
  • Maintaining Environment Agency flood defences

Sevenoaks District Council:

  • Have a Major Emergency Plan which includes a local, multi-agency flood plan.
  • Can take a decision to evacuate together with Kent County Council and Kent Police
  • Holds flood plain maps (produced by the Environment Agency)
  • Should manage clean up operations and support the welfare of residents following a flood
  • Can provide sandbags in the case of, or in threat of, flooding

Riparian Owners (owners of waterways):

  • Have a duty to maintain a watercourse and to accept, and pass on, water flow.


Floodline is a service provided by the Environment Agency. By calling 0845 9881188 you can hear information about flood warnings, get flood advice, register for flood warnings and report flooding.

If you register for flood warnings, you will receive a message if flooding is expected that may affect your property. However, this does not apply to groundwater or surface flooding.

The Environment Agency website contains lots of useful information on preparing for a flood, what to do if a flood occurs and how to deal with the aftermath. It also has flood maps and information on river levels.

Flood Warning Levels:

  • ·Flood Alert - Be Aware
  • ·Flood Warning - Act Now
  • ·Severe Flood Warning - Act Now with Urgency

flooding at Riverside

Useful Products

  • Flood boards/shields -to make doors or windows watertight
  • Air brick covers - to prevent water from getting into a building
  • Non-return valves for drains and pipes
  • Drive barriers - plastic flood defences for wider openings
  • Sandbags, including alternative varieties

The National Flood Forum is a charity and can provide advice on 01299 403055.

There are many companies listed in the Directory on which provide a variety of commercially available products.

Preparing for a flood

Things to consider if your property is in the flood plain or at risk of flooding:

  • Preparing escape routes
  • Arranging alternative accommodation
  • Having your heating system upstairs
  • Not installing chipboard kitchen units
  • Having synthetic, not wooden windows
  • Installing non-return valves on plumbing
  • Having rugs, not carpets
  • Raising electrical sockets
  • Knowing how to turn off your utilities
  • Safeguarding important items and prioritising which to move first e.g. insurance documents, other documents such as passports, items of sentimental value e.g. family photos, medication, pets.
  • Putting together a flood kit which may contain: torch, clothing including waterproofs, blankets, first aid kit, non-perishable food, water, baby items, battery operated radio.

flooding at Common Meadow


Floodline (Environment Agency) 0845 9881188

Sevenoaks District Council (for sandbags and other advice) 01732 227000

Kent Police 101

Kent Highway Services 08458 247800

National Flood Forum 01299 403055

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